I don't have a lot of counterspells now. So I put back Mystic Denial capitalizing on the poorly worded french text in Portal 1. It can counter any type of spell now. I add 8 Kindle and 9 Flame Burst to go up to 119 and 119 copies. This is due to the next big updates on old sets, going the further I can into low power level. Kindle and Flame Burst will each represent about 3,5% of the total card pool. As much as I like recursion and pretty foils, Exile into Darkness has been annoying me for too long. Too expensive for too little and it never comes back. It's possible the aether cycling rule killed it, you always need mana to do things.
Mystic DenialFlame BurstKindleExile into Darkness

Maze of Ith and Diamond Valley "unbanned"

Ins : Maze of Ith and Diamond Valley weren't too strong in testing so I "unban" them. I didn't want these powerful lands when there was only 2 cards to destroy them, now it's a bit more. Odious Trow and Rime Transfusion were satisfying in testing. Outs : All the not listed cards I play with really decrease the average size of creatures so Boros Fury-Shield isn't good enough anymore. Because of the decrease in power level, counterspells are weaker which is a pain for double blue ones. Mystic Denial only counters creatures and sorceries so not only it increases the chances you kept mana open for nothing, but it also doesn't even cover you from devastating instants when you try a risky combat phase. Nullify does less than Mystic Denial but should stay because 2cmc is way easier to use when casting a spell on each of your turns. Incremental Growth : really felt situational multiple times in testing and I think it's too expensive. Reincarnation was a bit weak already because of the three mana you have to keep open (unless you have enough ressources to kamikaze a creature). Especially with double green as green mana is typically used at sorcery speed. Now that all the (mostly not listed) additions quite lowered the average creature power level, it is both less likely to save a creature that's worth keeping 1GG open or to return a very valuable creature from the graveyard.
Maze of IthDiamond ValleyOdious TrowRime TransfusionBoros Fury-ShieldMystic DenialIncremental GrowthReincarnation

Oubliette wasn't forgotten. Its power level is quite low but I would have bought it before if the Arabian Nights version wasn't so expensive (or if it was a really good card). Also the old text would have been a pain for players. The new printing in Double Masters however solves these problems and I can even play a french foil. Not very good on power level but an additionnal universal removal that can be disenchanted will be an interesting addition to the pile (gives one more choice target for disenchant effects and deals with the biggest creatures). It is probably the last card I buy for my Domain Pile, but I still have a lot of untested and unlisted cards. I will do large updates by edition after seeing every card at least once, and once it's done I will gradually remove cards from the list when I conclude they are too weak overall.

Multiple Flame Bursts and A25 former rares

As I wrote before I will try to play with both Kindle and and its clone Flame Burst instead of just Kindle given the very large number of cards I reached (lower removal ratio and higher creature ratio). If you never read the blog, Kindle were good to have more agressive options in a rather controllish format, to have more red cards and to have a better removal ratio. I go from 1 Flame Burst listed to 110, and from 100 Kindle listed to 111 (110 tempest +1 foil A25). Incidentally 111 is about 4% of the number of listed cards (4% was the right number of Kindle without multiple Flame Bursts) but more important it is about 3% of the total number of cards I currently have in my pile (around 3400). I guess 3% Flame Burst and 3% Kindle is right to have a good number of removals, counting on variance between both cards to regularly have significant additionnal damage. I think reducing the number of times damage with one card goes very high while securing a higher number of removals for small creatures goes in the right direction. If 3% is a bit low it will improve everytime I remove cards from the pile (I can only remove now unless one day I accept Amonkhet bloc, which is unlikely but possible). I considered removing the weakest listed burn spells with the new Flame Burst additions but all are acceptable and very few are unattractive (Burn the Impure, Sauté, Punish the Enemy, Meteor Shower...) so I will keep them for some time. I also reviewed changes of rarity in Magic25 / A25 since I definitely set up the limit at this edition for changes of rarity by removing Thorn Elemental. I list three more former rares that are all likely to stay. -Iwamori of the Open Fist is definitely a superior beater compared to other inclusions at this cost so it does feel like a rare. But I don't have many legends especially in green, it's not too far from Imperiosaur (I don't think it's wise to compare beaters to the very exceptionnal Matca Rioters), and its general power level as a magic card won't be that much of a problem in a game. The default is unlikely to happen but will be fun when it does. -Promise of Bunrei may seem questionnable if you don't play the format, but multiple chumpers is good value in the format and the enchantment can even function as valuable dissuasion. Also from another perspective being an enchantment first will help reducing the number of situations where enchantment removals have no good target. - Like Alaborn Zealot, Loyal Sentry is a very easy inclusion since the role of cheap deathtouchers is always defensive. Beating First Strike creatures more than compensates.
Flame BurstKindleIwamori of the Open FistPromise of BunreiLoyal Sentry

Likely to stay among what I test 3/3

Fertilid is expensive CA but I still value highly chump blocking value. Hearthcage Giant : RR and 8 mana are much less of a problem now in this slower environment Marshdrinker Giant : not many 4/3s in the list as it is a bad S/P for multiplayer. But the ability makes the whole acceptable Lace with Moonglove : should be easy enough to play (and can cycle for 3 mana) Reknit : 2 mana defensive spell isn't something I like. But it's not like you can't be proactive with regeneration and any permanent + hybrid mana are valuable clauses Trip Noose : more expensive than other tappers. But artifacts are robusts and colorless mana means flexibility Bog Down : discard 3 cards is supposed to be banned except for Haunted Cadaver which supports the Morph mechanic. But Bog Down really has the ideal power level I think. You will almost never play the kick at 3+ players. As I see it this can only be a good play in some final duel situations. And if the other guy has 3+ cards in hands for the duel, then you are most likely behind. So it will be either a simple companion for Rakshasa's Secret, or a card that can diminish gaps (at a certain cost!) in final duels. I think I will not play Feral Instinct (+1/+1 instant for 1G, draw at the next upkeep) even if I play Agressive Urge (same, immediate draw). The reasoning is similar to the one with Zap and Flare, or with Peek and Clairvoyance. When the effect is too weak you need an immediate draw for all the times you are in a hurry or want to curve (drawing a land on the cantrip effect). However Jolt, which was added in the big update, is doing enough on the battlefield to accept the delayed draw. The only exception to that way of thinking that is listed is Headstone that exiles a card from a graveyard for 1B. It's easily included because the effect is pretty rare in the pile and the risk of fizzling is almost null.
FertilidHearthcage GiantMarshdrinker GiantLace with MoongloveReknitTrip NooseChangeling TitanBog Down

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