Winter 2020 Vintage Cube Update!

Lots of really interesting picks here! Very sad to see Compulsive Research go, but other than that, I think the cuts are pretty reasonable. Happy drafting, my friends!
Dauntless Bodyguard > Giver of RunesJourney to Nowhere > Winds of AbandonHistory of Benalia > Hallowed SpiritkeeperGideon of the Trials > Thraben InspectorJace, Architect of Thought > Narset, Parter of VeilsDisallow > Force of NegationTamiyo, the Moon Sage > Urza, Lord High ArtificerCompulsive Research > Emry, Lurker of the LochNegate > Brazen Borrower // Petty TheftDemonlord Belzenlok > Bolas's CitadelDoom Whisperer > Yawgmoth, Thran PhysicianGlint-Sleeve Siphoner > Rotting RegisaurVraska's Contempt > Murderous Rider // Swift EndArguel's Blood Fast > Wishclaw TalismanRix Maadi Reveler > Dreadhorde ArcanistPia Nalaar > Seasoned PyromancerManic Vandal > Embereth Shieldbreaker // Battle DisplayNissa, Worldwaker > Nissa, Who Shakes the WorldWickerbough Elder > Questing BeastSpell Queller > Teferi, Time RavelerBedevil > Angrath's RampageHostage Taker > Fallen ShinobiXenagos, the Reveler > Wrenn and SixMystic Snake > Oko, Thief of CrownsVraska, Relic Seeker > Garruk, Cursed HuntsmanMana Confluence > Prismatic VistaGilded Lotus > Golos, Tireless PilgrimScrapheap Scrounger > Stonecoil Serpent

Even WOTC Can't keep these names straight

Finale of Eternity > Finale of Devastation

MTGO Vintage Cube Summer 2019 Update

I don't know about you all, but I'm looking forward to drafting some sweet Vintage Cube action this summer! That being said, there's some...interesting choices in the switches for this update. For starters, I'm not sure why they're cutting the artifacts at the top. Other weird ones for me are the inclusion of Tithe Taker over Palace Jailer (probably a net fun, if a decrease in power level), Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni just being in here at all, Grim Tutor coming out, replacing Genesis Wave with the black Finale rather than the green one, and Wilderness Reclamation (should be fun to build around). Net positives for me- protection cards like True-Name and Mirran Crusader being removed - good for fun gameplay, and Fractured Identity finally getting in on the fun. Net negatives - I'm sad to see Chandra, Flamecaller, Dreadbore,and Izzet Charm go.
Sorcerous Spyglass > Kaya, Orzhov UsurperDuplicant > Ashen RiderPentad Prism > PlaguecrafterLotus Petal > PteramanderAvacyn, Angel of Hope > Angel of SerenityPalace Jailer > Tithe TakerBanisher Priest > Fairgrounds WardenRemorseful Cleric > Containment PriestTimely Reinforcements > Journey to NowhereVedalken Shackles > MiscalculationBlink of an Eye > NegateTrue-Name Nemesis > SpellseekerNexus of Fate > Time WarpBrain Maggot > Glint-Sleeve SiphonerPuppeteer Clique > Ink-Eyes, Servant of OniGrim Tutor > Mastermind's AcquisitionMagma Jet > Rix Maadi RevelerCollective Defiance > BanefireChandra, Flamecaller > Past in FlamesExperimental Frenzy > Light Up the StageFiredrinker Satyr > Bomat CourierVerdurous Gearhulk > Biogenic OozeThrun, the Last Troll > Wilderness ReclamationManglehorn > Wickerbough ElderObstinate Baloth > Den ProtectorNissa, Vastwood Seer > Incubation DruidKiora, the Crashing Wave > Hydroid KrasisDreadbore > BedevilDragonlord Ojutai > Fractured IdentityAurelia, Exemplar of Justice > Wear // TearIzzet Charm > Fire // IceGarruk, Apex Predator > Vraska, Golgari QueenAbrupt Decay > Pernicious DeedMirran Crusader > Gideon BlackbladeNissa, Voice of Zendikar > Vivien, Champion of the WildsGenesis Wave > Finale of EternityCast Down > Liliana's TriumphNicol Bolas, Planeswalker > Nicol Bolas, Dragon-GodUrborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth > Blast Zone

Hey, Everyone!

Hello, fellow cube drafters! It's me, Lord Alvon. I've been keeping this list up to date with the latest in MTGO Vintage Cube goodness for the last 5 years now, and I hope you've found it helpful to hone your drafting skills! Recently, I made a Twitch stream and a YouTube channel, and I've been streaming a draft of this cube every day of 2019 so far! I've included the links below. If you love cube and want to see some fun content or maybe learn a few things, feel free to give either of them a watch! It'd really mean a lot. Thanks, and happy drafting! -Lord Alvon

Winter 2018-19 Update!

Here’s the update from Summer ‘18 to Winter ‘18-19! Let me know if I missed anything!
Angel of Serenity > Avacyn, Angel of HopeAncient Stirrings > Kodama's ReachArchangel of Thune > Archangel AvacynAugur of Bolas > Baral, Chief of ComplianceAwakening Zone > Nissa, Voice of ZendikarBenalish Marshal > BrightlingBraids, Cabal Minion > Puppeteer CliqueBring to Light > Kiora, the Crashing WaveChandra, Pyromaster > Experimental FrenzyCommit // Memory > Nexus of FateDeathrite Shaman > Garruk, Apex PredatorDeclaration in Stone > CondemnDelver of Secrets > Arcane ArtisanDen Protector > Obstinate BalothDissenter's Deliverance > Whisperwood ElementalDragonlord Dromoka > Trostani DiscordantDualcaster Mage > Pia NalaarElectrolyze > Thousand-Year StormExquisite Firecraft > Collective DefianceFalkenrath Gorger > Runaway Steam-KinFiend Hunter > Palace JailerFire // Ice > ExpansionForce Spike > DisallowFreyalise, Llanowar's Fury > Vivien ReidGoblin Chainwhirler > Goblin RabblemasterJadelight Ranger > Tireless TrackerJhoira, Weatherlight Captain > Goblin ElectromancerKnight of the White Orchid > Remorseful ClericLeyline of Sanctity > TerminusMurderous Cut > Collective BrutalityNecropotence > Phyrexian ArenaNevinyrral's Disk > Oblivion StoneNezumi Graverobber > Vampire HexmageNoxious Gearhulk > Doom WhispererOath of Nissa > Carnage TyrantOlivia Voldaren > Daretti, Ingenious IconoclastPainful Truths > Night's WhisperNezumi Shortfang > Scrapheap ScroungerPernicious Deed > Assassin's TrophyQasali Pridemage > Knight of AutumnRift Bolt > Flame SlashRishkar, Peema Renegade > Nissa, Vastwood SeerRite of Flame > ManamorphoseSearing Spear > PyroclasmSkymarcher Aspirant > Dauntless BodyguardSong of the Dryads > Plow UnderSpellskite > Relic of ProgenitusStormbreath Dragon > Pia and Kiran NalaarSupreme Verdict > Spell QuellerTarmogoyf > Devoted DruidTezzeret, Agent of Bolas > Thief of SanityThe Abyss > LanguishThrashing Brontodon > Ramunap ExcavatorVoice of Resurgence > Knight of the ReliquaryWear // Tear > Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice

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