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last cuts

both of these are probably coming back in, but given how I know how they work, I'd rather cut them for testing
Cogwork LibrarianPolukranos, World Eater

Sun TitanTerramorphic Expanse

almost cut down

robber of the rich is just too play/draw dependent, and even the best case scenario is both rare and conditional. nekratal is a natural card to remove alongside rankle
Robber of the RichNekrataal

Still Working on Cuts

Only surprising cut here I think is Stormblood Berseerker. It's one of the best two-drops for mono-red, but that deck doesn't need the optimal cards. It's more important to play flexible two drops that any red deck will play!
Glory-Bound InitiateBaral, Chief of ComplianceCondescendMagma JetStormblood BerserkerPrime Speaker VannifarEldritch EvolutionVivien's ArkbowVraska's ContemptXathrid Necromancer

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