Zendikar Rising

Nothing to see here. Move along. The set is great, don't get me wrong... but there are no cards in it that I want to put into my cube. The Party mechanic works great in a set designed around it. Same goes for kicker and MDFCs. Let's take the card Jwari Disruption for example. It's a Force Spike for 1 additional colorless mana or it may be played as a land. Kazuul's Fury. Fling for 1 additional mana... or it may be played as a land. And so on. Not impressive enough to be added to the cube. I might come around and change my mind, but probably not.

Leonin Relic-Warder > Militia Bugler

Start // Finish > Cruel CelebrantBehemoth Sledge > Pledge of Unity

A card that sees play in constructed must be good enough for cube, no?
Rally for the Throne > Seasoned Hallowblade


I've been playing with Jumpstart (on Arena) for a little while now and I truly enjoy it. This set has a couple of new cards that I'd like to add to the cube. Brightmare (This or Kor Hookmaster... or both?) Release the Dogs (I like it!) Spiteful Prankster (Pinger! A red Aristocrats card or another card for Raksac.) All of the Thriving lands (They are slow, but good fixing.)

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