April 2020 Update

Advent of the WurmJuniper Order RangerLoxodon SmiterGlare of SubdualEnter the God-EternalsSilas Renn, Seeker AdeptAjani VengeantSky TerrorBedevilRakdos FirewheelerEdric, Spymaster of TrestFrilled MysticLiving TwisterDomri's AmbushVoltaic BrawlerZhur-Taa GoblinTarmogoyfNessian HornbeetleSteel Leaf ChampionYorvo, Lord of GarenbrigWolfwillow HavenDestiny SpinnerFauna ShamanSurvival of the FittestSerra AngelBelfry SpiritHedron ArchiveSnare ThopterDread StatuaryVault SkirgeBonehoardTreasure Keeper

Cube Overhaul: Phase 4

VorapedeExcavating AnuridSylvan CaryatidLife from the LoamObstinate BalothArasta of the Endless WebPack GuardianWickerbough ElderLotus CobraSaddled RimestagAngel of SanctionsSerra AngelGlory-Bound InitiateLeonin Relic-WarderStudent of WarfareAlseid of Life's BountyVryn WingmareVesperlarkTrueheart DuelistLone MissionaryVisions of BeyondHieroglyphic IlluminationScatter to the WindsFamiliar's RuseScour All PossibilitiesMerfolk TricksterGoblin RabblemasterDread StatuaryGoblin HeelcutterSlaying FireDig Through TimeArcanist's OwlAnticipateSea Gate Oracle

Rarity Observations

This recent set of changes saw the percentage of mythics drop from 4.3 to 3.2 and rares from 41.3 to 34.3. It also saw the percentage of uncommons jump from 30.8 to 36.4 and commons from 21.7 to 24. Additionally, this data probably isn't completely truthful, as I usually play the art of the set of a card's original printing, and I know a number of original printings that were rare but have since been downshifted to uncommon in newer sets. Hence, the number of remaining rares is even lower. Excluding rare lands, I'm getting very close to Peasant, which is fine, as ideally my goal would be to only retain rares or mythics that are critical to archetype success or offer unique effects unavailable at lower rarities. No rares or mythics should be included based on raw power level alone.

Alpha Duals into Trilands

I'm not completely sure about this change, but I've always wanted to include the Trilands because they offer more flexible fixing. Also, while they may allow more colors to be played, they are certainly slower. Slowing down the cube in general should correlate with decreasing the power level. I'm just a bit worried that I'll be hurting two-color aggro too much by taking away a set of duals that don't cipt for one that does.
BayouCrumbling NecropolisBadlandsJungle ShrinePlateauSeaside CitadelScrublandNomad OutpostSavannahOpulent PalaceTaigaMystic MonasteryTropical IslandFrontier BivouacTundraSandsteppe CitadelUnderground SeaArcane SanctumVolcanic IslandSavage Lands

Cube Overhaul: Phase 3

Dungrove ElderYavimaya EnchantressExploreWolfwillow HavenShifting CeratopsIwamori of the Open FistThrun, the Last TrollCytoplast Root-KinTroll AsceticYavimaya ElderOvergrown BattlementNoose ConstrictorArchwing DragonKeldon ChampionAlesha, Who Smiles at DeathWeaver of LightningBurning of XinyeFight with FireWildfireHungry FlamesEmber SwallowerCathartic ReunionHero of Oxid RidgeGoblin HeelcutterTectonic GiantBonesplitterBleeding EdgeThorn of the Black RoseAsylum VisitorBlood ArtistDespiseCarrion FeederDuressRavenous RatsArchmage's CharmHypnotic Sprite // Mesmeric GlareBazaar TrademageCloudkin SeerDisruptAugur of Bolas

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