Autumn 2018 Update

It's been a while, but again this is not a ground shattering update. I'm adding a small number cards from C18 and GRN as well as some older cards that peaked my interest after all (mostly some Amonkhet and Kaladesh stuff). In turn I'm getting rid of cards that started to bore me. I was not able to decide between Jace, Tezzeret and Will who should become the two blue planeswalkers for my cube, so for now blue gets three planeswalkers (but only one other mythic). If one of them turns out to be a bore or broken, I'll cut them again. Since I'm still trying to strengthen aggressive archetype a bit more, but I was not able to do so within my current limit of rare slots for each color. For now Red and Black have one more rare than the other colors, but I will probably expand the other colors with the next update as well. Also changes in this update (but not include in the list at the bottom): Deadbridge Shaman > Midnight Reaper Advent of the Wurm > Knight of Autumn See you next update. Dom
Expedition Envoy > Healer's HawkCloistered Youth > Adanto VanguardAnafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit > Remorseful ClericReality Acid > TidingsTezzeret the Seeker > Tezzeret, Artifice MasterTime Warp > Will KenrithGrasping Scoundrel > Dread WandererHypnotic Specter > Ammit EternalDisciple of Bolas > Scrapheap ScroungerBane of the Living > BloodtrackerMalicious Affliction > Doom BladeGoblin Glory Chaser > Bomat CourierTorch Fiend > Goblin CratermakerOhran Viper > Courser of KruphixRanger's Path > Skyshroud ClaimFreyalise, Llanowar's Fury > Vivien ReidLurking Automaton > Ancient Stone IdolWhirlermaker > Retrofitter FoundryDreamstone Hedron > Coveted JewelIroas's Champion > Heroic Reinforcements

Dominaria Update

Not too big of an update, no shake-ups or archetype reworkings. Just adding some Dominaria goodies and other cards I want to try out. Had I opened Karn in my Dominaria booster, I would have tried him out (even though I think he is too strong for my cube - he is Phyrexian Arena and Pack Rat in one card), but I didn't and right now he is way above budget for my cube. I did not find a white silver-bordered card that I want to run, but other than that every color now has a silver-bordered card (plus a multicolored one). I don't have much of individual notes this time, except one: Let's not pretend Healing Grace is a very good card, but I like that now all five of the boons from Alpha are represented in my cube (with Healing Grace and Brainstorm as the fixed versions of their originals) and just maybe it will lead to a sweet blowout once in a while ;) Happy Drafting Dom Cards that were change in additional updates (because I forgot them the first time arround): - Might of Old Krosa > Vines of Vastwood - Dungeon Geists > Champion of Wits - Frenzied Fugue > Ramunap Ruins - Bile Blight > Cast Down - Despise > Divest - Beetleback Chief > Hanweir Garrison - Flamekin Village > Hanweir Battlements - Darksteel Ingot > Sparring Construct - Blinding Souleater > Voltaic Servant - Conduit of Ruin > Pardic Wanderer
Emancipation Angel > Emeria AngelDragon Hunter > Dauntless BodyguardJourney to Nowhere > Seal AwayGryff's Boon > Call the CavalryPious Evangel > Danitha Capashen, ParagonFeat of Resistance > Healing GraceTandem Lookout > Tetsuko Umezawa, FugitiveWharf Infiltrator > Reef WormChaos Warp > StaggershockPillage > Fight with FirePyrewild Shaman > Earthshaker KhenraRhox > Earl of SquirrelSnapping Sailback > Thorn ElementalLifeblood Hydra > Ghalta, Primal HungerElvish Visionary > Untamed KavuVines of Vastwood > Adventurous ImpulseMoonmist > LullImmerwolf > Khenra CharioteerZameck Guildmage > Tatyova, Benthic DruidAether Searcher > Urza, Academy Headmaster

Spring Update 2018

This update is mostly about strengthening aggressive archetypes a bit since I feel they fell behind midrange and control too much in the last year. Therefore I added some more aggressive creatures and actually broke my budget rule (expensive cards are only put in the cube if I happen to open them or have them lying around already) and got a Goblin Guide and a Grim Lavamancer. I hope this won't make RDW Fun Police the one true deck to draft, but as always I have to look and see how turns out. I'm also having a test run with the one drop mana elves which were excluded so far, because I found the two drops had more interesting designs and I actually I agree with the current design paradigm of WotC in this regard. This too, is up for evaluation. Other than that I got rid of cards I've gotten bored of and included some I want to try out. As I Said before, I made the aesthetic choice to keep this cube modern frame only (and postmodern where possible), so I'm always looking forward to reprint sets, because the might bring sweet new options for my cube. That said, I was not to happy with Iconic Masters and Masters 25, I'm still waiting for modern frame reprints of (actually cheap) cards like Carnophage, Fyndhorn Elves, Miscalculation, Parallax Wave, Battle Screech and Blistering Firecat (A25 has morph theme in red, why not reprint this?!). Anyway, happy drafting! Dom
Conviction > Savannah LionsGriffin Guide > Baffling EndField of Souls > Promise of BunreiMetallurgic Summonings > Time WarpPore Over the Pages > Crow StormTamiyo, the Moon Sage > Tezzeret the SeekerPerilous Voyage > FlashChasm Skulker > Eternal of Harsh TruthsWonder > Cloudfin RaptorOb Nixilis of the Black Oath > Ob Nixilis ReignitedCall the Bloodline > Dusk Legion ZealotTyphoid Rats > Grasping ScoundrelMurderous Redcap > Ravenous ChupacabraGeth's Verdict > Diabolic EdictPhyrexian Gargantua > Erg RaidersBrain Maggot > Mesmeric FiendGisa's Bidding > UnearthCrux of Fate > Living DeathAvacyn's Judgment > Arc TrailKeldon Champion > HellriderGore-House Chainwalker > Ire ShamanInsolent Neonate > Jackal PupArc Lightning > PillageScab-Clan Berserker > Brazen ScourgeAsh Zealot > Goblin GuideAnger > Grim LavamancerWerebear > Elvish MysticVoyaging Satyr > Llanowar ElvesScorned Villager > Avacyn's PilgrimCaller of the Untamed > Ivy ElementalBrawn > Crested HerdcallerHunter's Insight > Primal CommandWeapons Trainer > Relentless RaptorMortify > VindicateAyli, Eternal Pilgrim > Sin CollectorFathom Mage > Hadana's ClimbDeathreap Ritual > Corpsejack MenacePierce Strider > Golden Guardian

Ixalan Update

(Also the C17 update) Not a huge update. Ixalan has some sweet new cards, but nothing that makes want to completely uproot the current cube, which is in a really good place for my playgroup right now. The last few draft session saw a multitude of different decks and archetypes - from Mono-Red to Sovereign's Realm 5-Color-Goodstuff - with nothing dominating in an absurdly way and players of all skill levels having decks they enjoyed and going home with some wins. Sadly Iconic Masters doesn't bring any exciting reprints to modern border for the first time. But there's still hope for Masters 25 (I'm especially holding out for modern frame Carnophage, Grizzly Fate, Battle Screech and Miscalculation). So let's just jump to the individual notes: - I was asked to give Hellrider a time out, since creature based Rx decks are already considered the strongest in my cube and he just pushes those strategies over the top. I have no problem with this, because it opens up a slot for a FREAKING T-REX in my cube :D - Curse of Disturbance, while being worded a bit more clunky, is just straight up better version of Curse of Shallow Graves for a 1-vs-1 cube. - Is Chart a Course the best sorcery draw spell of the modern era (that also helps reanimator)? We will see. I like running classic limited all star cards in my cube, but Divination has to make space for this. - I like Desolation Twin, but it just didn't work out. It was meant as a fatty that rewards the ramp decks, but get's passed over by reanimator and other cheat into play strategies, but that scenario never really played out. Metalwork Colossus adds a new toy for artifacts.dec, and is a tier 2 target for ramp and cheat strategies. I expect it to see more play than the twins. - Once upon a time Roon was in this cube. But the cube was far more unpowered and there were hardly any good ETB creatures. So Roon was considered useless and his slot was iterated through by other, mostly unplayed Bant cards. But now Bant Blink is actually an archetype and Roon returns to be bomb Bant deserves. Also, Tamiyo was just useless. - All hail, Queen Marchesa. For she brings the Monarch to the cube. Pretty much the same as with the Bant-slot. While Butcher of the Horde saw some play in decks with sacrifice strategies, he was not really considered a bomb or exciting. Let's see how Her Royal Highness does in that spot. - I upped the spell count for red again. I scaled it too hards towards creatures a few updates ago, so now spellslinger decks had trouble picking up enough toys. And now go draft my cube, see you next update! :) Dom
Divination > Chart a CourseSnap > Perilous VoyageSimic Manipulator > Search for AzcantaCurse of Shallow Graves > Curse of DisturbanceStab Wound > Costly PlunderSearing Blood > Chaos WarpHellrider > Charging MonstrosaurBrazen Scourge > AbradeReckless Bushwhacker > Breath of DarigaazStingerfling Spider > Snapping SailbackButcher of the Horde > Queen MarchesaTamiyo, Field Researcher > Roon of the Hidden RealmVulshok Morningstar > Heirloom BladeDesolation Twin > Metalwork ColossusPentad Prism > Sorcerous Spyglass

Addendum to yesterday's update

I forgot the Gruul part of the update. Also, after sleeping on it, I was not satisfied with the changes to green and moved some things around.
Regrowth > Satyr WayfinderRabid Bite > Nest InvaderElephant Guide > Lead the StampedeMina and Denn, Wildborn > Ghor-Clan RampagerSavage Twister > Atarka's Command

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