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Theros Beyond Death Considerations

1) Elspeths Nightmare - none of the things it does are great for the cost, but the fact that it does all of them is quite nice, looking at the pick rates of black cards there are a couple duds that are meant for an archetype that don't alway make the cut even in that deck. 2) Heroes of Revel - I'm hesitant to put another red 5 drop in the cube but this card seems really sweet and fits well in a spellslinger deck. 3) Phese-Band Brawler - Creatures that double as removal spells are a big part of the cube, however at 6 mana this feels a bit underwhelming when compared to cards like Flametounge Kavu or Ravenous Chupe. It being in green does mitigate that a bit but we'll see where we end up on the card. 4) Alseid of Lifes Bounty - white Siren Stormtamer peaks my interest, but lifelink is pretty bad compared to flying 5) Drag to The Underworld - The rule for single target creature removal in this cube is it needs to cost 2 or less, this will usually cost 2. It might replace Snuff Out 6) Pharika's Spawn - recastable from the graveyard with an edict on ETB, seems very strong, good for dredge but not for bounce sadly. 7) Annex, Hardened in the Forge - this card seems very strong in many of the aggressive red strategies, since red tends to be a dominant color in those decks it is not unreasonable for this to have 5-7 power by t4, probably gonna find space for this bad boy. 8) Chainweb Arachnir - So you cast it once pick off a spirit token or some dorky flyer and it can hold back air attacks from remaining dorky flyers untill it dies, then you cast it again from the yard and now it can take down almost every flyer in the cube, jeez this card is good, and we need it given how dominant Azourious decks have been recently. Gonna be cubing this one for sure. 9) Omen of the Sea - Preordain at instant speed? ok. Costs 2 mana... ok? has later game uses with additional scry, ok. This card seems ok, it doesn't help spellslinger decks which is for sure a point against it but it does an objectively powerful thing at an arguably reasonable cost. It's ok. 10) Acolyte of Affliction - This will likely replace Golgari Findbroker, its a bit smaller body, but the mill and the more reasonable mana cost make it the stronger option overall. 11) Medomai's Prophecy - like with Elspeth's Nightmare non of the things this card does are incredible but the fact that it does all of them its pretty great, and at 2 mana it seems like a fairly efficient card.

Gelectrode > Prophetic Bolt

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