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Commander Legends Considerations

Annoyed Altisaur - Green ramp decks are looking for more payoffs and this seems to be a strong contender Slaughter the Strong - Wrath type effects are incredibly rare and always worth considering, the variance of this card has me scratching my head a bit though, probably still worth testing out Keskit, the Flesh Sculptor - Its been a long time since a sac outlet has intrigued me this much, there are some hard downsides, its a tap ability, and sac 3 is pretty steep, but the payoff is very good for a wide range of decks, I'm not sure I want it over any of the current sac outlets in the cube, and I not sure the cube needs a higher density of sac outlets, but we'll consider this for sure Feast of Succession - WOW... Just WOW. This is a monster of a control card that will likely be a first pickable super bomb, I expect this card to make me reconsider how I build my deck both when I draft it and when I don't. Nadier, Agent of the Duskenel - Ok here is something interesting, the fact that it will only be good in very narrow decks is a point against it, but I love that its a leaves play trigger rather than a death trigger, this is a strong consideration. Meteoric Mace - This card seems awesome and like a bit of a bomb, only argument against it is I'm not sure how many red decks will actually play this. Demonic Lore - Draw 3 for 3 is an insane rate, that downside is real though, and this is a format where monored decks are the kings of the meta, also thinking about it mono red will likely splash this like it does with Treasure Cruise, thats a scary thought, worth testing for sure. Halana, Kessig Ranger - This is a really sweet design that I think will fit nicely into the cube, worth testing 100%. Fall From Favor - Well looks like blue decks get monarch now, this card seems really strong. Most of these kinds of effects have been removed from the cube because of the prevalence of bounce effects, but this one seems worth it, will test 100%. Forceful Denial - POG Azure Fleet Admiral - Probably too weak for the cube but I really love the design here, Monarch is a powerful mechanic but a critical mass might not be a good thing. Araumi of the Dead Tide - Wow what a card, this should pretty singlehandedly enable Dimir reanimator I love it. Imoti, Celebrant of Bounty - Well this card seems very sweet, Simic ramp has always been one of my pet decks in the cube and this will be an awesome addition for it, not really playable anywhere else though, and the fact that its a 5 drop that dies to everything sucks as well, and the simic gold slots are pretty hard to compete with, we can take a look though.

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Silundi Vision // Silundi Isle > Scholar of the Ages

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