Gold Cards

Death is just another Reanimate. Add an extra effect to the cube to help the Reanimator deck along. Catacomb Sifter was more useful when I had supported sacrifice themes in my cube but is a fairly easy cut now. Boros Reckoner is outclassed by every 3CMC creature in red or white, and it's shelf life has ben long due to limited options in Boros. Integrity//Intervention comes is as a playable pump spell in either red or white aggro, and when you happen to have draft a Sacred Foundry, Battlefield Forge or any other RW dual, it's pretty free to splash the Intervention half in either mono white or red.
Life // DeathCatacomb SifterIntegrityBoros Reckoner


With the anticipation of the new Tricycle lands, I wanted to make a change to my duals. I don't want too many tapped lands (although this could change if they ever complete the Tircycle cycle of lands) so I'm cutting the friendly Bicycle duals and adding in different fetchable lands for the ally guilds. The Tricycles represent 1 ally dual and 2 enemy dual lands each (eg: URW represents a UR, RW and WU dual). It makes sense to cut enemy guild duals to make room for them so each guild will have access to a virtual 7 duals each. Those cuts will happen when the set releases. Ive already added the GW and GR Battle Lands so adding in the remaining three makes sense. As for the the G Filters, I always feel like green decks want as few other colored sources as possible. The Filters allow a "double" splash at the cost of only one land slot.
Prairie StreamIrrigated FarmlandSunken HollowFetid PoolsSmoldering MarshCanyon SloughFire-Lit ThicketSheltered ThicketWooded BastionScattered Groves

Great Oak Gurdian and Serum Visions

Jadelight Ranger is a recent addition but it was added mostly as filler. I want to try Great Oak Guardian as another Kiki/Twin combo piece while also being an Overrun variant for more classic style green decks. Gilded Drake has been fine but I want to switch over towards more proactive cantrip style cards for blue. Serum Visions lets you see three cards and is a good play early to sculpt your hand and late digs you to more gas.
Great Oak GuardianJadelight RangerSerum VisionsGilded Drake

Fblthp and Yuriko

Spellseeker has been too weak. Without power the spells it can grab just aren't good enough. I'd rather give Fplthp a chance in the cantrip creature slot. Psychatog was only ever in as a discard outlet. Other than that it has been pretty underwhelming. I have been impressed with Fallen Shinobi so far and I want to give Yuriko a shot. It feels similar to Shadowmage Infiltrator and that card hasn't been good enough for a while.
Fblthp, the LostSpellseekerYuriko, the Tiger's ShadowPsychatog

Discard Outlet

I'm hoping to make reanimator a more profound archetype so I'm going to add a few more reanimation spells and discard outlets to the cube. Olivia's Dragoon offers up another cheap, repeatable discard outlet and can block against aggro. Slaughter Pact is not needed anymore as removal spells are plentiful and better anyways.
Olivia's DragoonSlaughter Pact

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