Dropping CMCs for Microdecks

Since microdecks are the main way this set will be played, anything costing more than 6 CMC is very difficult to cast if you're not in green. These swaps eliminate these expensive cards while also slightly tweaking the balance of support for various archetypes, mostly at rare.
Pale Wayfarer > Cloudgoat RangerArbiter of Knollridge > Kinsbaile BorderguardBenthicore > Sage of the FallsThought Reflection > Sprite NobleHollowborn Barghest > Boggart MobBoldwyr Intimidator > Outrage ShamanAltar Golem > Leering EmblemCall the Skybreaker > Crackleburr

+1/+1 Counters

It's still a minor theme, but these swaps get +1/+1 counters into the uncommons, hopefully giving it a bit more of a nudge toward relevance.
Silvergill Adept > Faerie VandalMind Shatter > Oona's BlackguardGloomwidow > Bramblewood ParagonBriarhorn > Wildwood Scourge

Minor Themes & Other Tweaks

Minor themes like were not getting a whole lot of support at uncommon, especially in tertiary colors. These swaps bring white into aristocrats and beef up drawgo control. I also found a -1/-1 counter card I missed earlier and am trying to keep the tribes and colors balanced. The main issue remaining is the total lack support for +1/+1 counters at uncommon, which I'll address in the next update.
Springjack Shepherd > Sigil of the New DawnPrison Term > VesperlarkWatercourser > Merfolk LooterTorture > Soul ReapFlamekin Harbinger > Flame SweepCursecatcher > Brineborn Cutthroat

Further Streamlining & Reorientation

These changes continue the previous round of swaps, following through on the removal of -1/-1 counters at all rarities. There are also attempts to balance out the power level of the colors. Blue has yet to show up in a playtest; hopefully adding Mulldrifter is not overkill. Red is the main concern now, as it seems underpowered, but it is so well integrated into all the set's themes that it seems hard to avoid. In addition, all of its "underpowered" cards can be extremely powerful in the right situation. I'm not that into a lot of the hybrid cards, another sign of my preference for Lorwyn over Shadowmoor. I will probably leave most of them in here, keeping them as placeholders for custom cards.
Lairwatch Giant > Angelic RenewalRendclaw Trow > Odious TrowPuncture Blast > Just DessertsLeech Bonder > Silvergill AdeptBiting Tether > MulldrifterIncremental Blight > Final RevelsHatchet Bully > Tar PitcherRelease the Ants > Bloodmark MentorFlame Javelin > Boggart ShenanigansRivals' Duel > Ceaseless SearbladesWoodland Guidance > Hunting TriadMurderous Redcap > Spiteflame WitchBoggart Ram-Gang > Tattermunge ManiacRestless Apparition > Batwing BrumeRosethorn Acolyte // Seasonal Ritual > Winnower PatrolTwilight Shepherd > Hoofprints of the StagThunderblust > Ashling's PrerogativeHeartmender > Oracle of NectarsPyrrhic Revival > Evershrike

Common Streamlining & Balancing

These changes try to address some balance issues and streamline some of the themes to provide a little more focus. 1. With a light aristocrats/sacrifice theme for RWB, I'm less concerned with ensuring a critical mass of giants at common, which is good because these cards are not very popular. Removing these free up room for other needs. I also feel like Kithkin and Treefolk are optional subthemes, so I let a few of them go here to make room for other themes. 2. I prefer Lorwyn to Shadowmoor, and that preference plays out in a preference for +1/+1 counters over -1/-1 counters. I was also looking for a minor theme for BGU, as the graveyard wasn't doing it. These swaps eliminate the -1/-1 counters theme at common while bringing in a very light +1/+1 counters theme in BGU. 3. I weakened red's removal a little bit so it is less desirable for any deck to splash. In exchange, I upgraded red's presence in the RGW theme, which is stronger than I thought it would be. 4. I made minor tweaks to multiple archetypes. Red gets a little more instant-speed action so it can contribute to UBR DrawGo Control. Black is now splashable in GUR Elementals. RGW is stronger and can come together in a number of ways, likely superseding WBG Elves as a primary theme.
Kinscaer Harpoonist > Enclave EliteDream Thief > Spellstutter SpriteStinkdrinker Daredevil > Fire JugglerMarshmist Titan > FestercreepBlind-Spot Giant > Blades of Velis VelRustrazor Butcher > Mudbrawler CohortLowland Oaf > Goblin War PartyBurn Trail > Roar of the CrowdLash Out > Shard VolleyBog-Strider Ash > FertilidBosk Banneret > Elvish HandservantSilverglade Elemental > Ivy ElementalOona's Gatewarden > Fate TransferScar > Manaforge CinderBlight Sickle > Moonglove Extract

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