Unearth > Ob Nixilis of the Black Oath

Land Base Update

Land section finally reflects the IRL state of the cube. Riptadian "2 fetches + 2 shocks" invention. Now I have to put lands into proper sections... I guess, that will take me another year or two.
Seachrome Coast > Hallowed FountainDarkslick Shores > Polluted DeltaBlackcleave Cliffs > Bloodstained MireRootbound Crag > Wooded FoothillsKarplusan Forest > Stomping GroundHorizon Canopy > Windswept HeathSunpetal Grove > Temple GardenConcealed Courtyard > Godless ShrineCaves of Koilos > Marsh FlatsWoodland Cemetery > Verdant CatacombsBlooming Marsh > Overgrown TombTemple of Mystery > Misty RainforestYavimaya Coast > Breeding PoolSulfur Falls > Scalding TarnSpirebluff Canal > Steam VentsBattlefield Forge > Arid MesaInspiring Vantage > Sacred Foundry

Seems like UB Artifacts theme got another toy to look for in Green. Testing, though.
Elves of Deep Shadow > Gilded Goose

Terminate > Dreadbore

Fettergeist > Serendib Efreet

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