RGw Elementals by MULRAH

This was pretty much the perfect draft to have immediately after the recent changes I made to this set. Fertilid was my first pick, as it seemed like it could not only work with about half the cards in the first pack but also give me the opportunity experiment with the "new" RG Elementals deck. From there, I was tempted by the manafixing/Evoke path, Giants, Warriors, going into BG Wither, shifting into Blue. It felt like there were a lot of options. All those options meant my attention was spread throughout the draft, so I'm not sure my final pile coalesced as well as it should have. I decided to go for the RG Elementals focus and have tossed in one White card just for the heck of it. I was kind of pleased to see there's no linear payoff for Elementals available, because I want this deck to be about something other than gathering up all the cards that say "Elemental" on them (which would push it toward monored). I'm guessing this deck has some issues, but it was a fun draft!

  • Draft
  • Pack Count: 5
  • Pack Size: 9
  • Bot Count: 5

Deck - 40 cards total (18 Lands, 15 Creatures, 7 Other)

Sideboard - 19 cards