RW Go Wide (Warriors) by MULRAH

Wow, this was a tough one! I felt like I had three decks pulling at me at the same time--RW Go Wide, Rw Giants (maybe with a bit of a Warriors subtheme), and straight up Monored (maybe with a Giants subtheme). Even down to the last few picks, I felt like I was deciding which direction to go. I'm not sure I can remember a draft where I felt like I was making this many decisions so late in the draft. Unfortunately, my split attention might have hampered the deck a bit. It seems like I ended up with a fair number of Giants, but no payoffs for them. Meanwhile, there are plenty of anthems, but probably not quite enough cheap creatures to make the best use of them. Nonetheless, I ended up going with the "go wide" theme, understanding this version of it will be a little slower than others. Though it won't come up much, there's also a modest Warriors subtheme, which is a nice variant to the last RW Go Wide deck. All in all, this was quite an interesting draft!

  • Draft
  • Pack Count: 5
  • Pack Size: 9
  • Bot Count: 5

Deck - 40 cards total (17 Lands, 12 Creatures, 11 Other)

Sideboard - 22 cards