Sultai Gifts Reanimator by Leafwind

First picked Gifts and went where the draft took me from there - I think I stumbled into something with some punch. There's not as much interaction here as I would like but hopefully there's enough to keep this deck going until it can pull off something big. Living Death after Gifts on end step could be huge, as well as the obvious Gifts/Rites and any other package that can be assembled with Regrowth in the mix. Excited to try Nullpriest of Oblivion here - while I think that card probably works best in a midrange deck, it should have decent versatility here as either an early roadblock or a backup reanimator card.

  • Draft
  • Pack Count: 3
  • Pack Size: 15
  • Bot Count: 7

Deck - 40 cards total (17 Lands, 9 Creatures, 14 Other)

Sideboard - 14 cards