Monored Elementals by MULRAH

This was a nice way to finish off this pod. At first, I thought I'd be in some Black-based Goblin or Rogue deck, so I didn't mind dipping my toes into Red early on. After a few more picks, it became clear that Elementals could be a theme for this deck, and I stuck with it. Black could have been a part of this deck, but it seems better to keep it Red only. I knew Elementals were a theme in Lorwyn, but I didn't really try to assess how they'd shape up in this set. This is now the second time they've popped up; last time, they got an admirable 2-1 record.

  • Draft
  • Pack Count: 5
  • Pack Size: 9
  • Bot Count: 5

Deck - 40 cards total (17 Lands, 15 Creatures, 8 Other)

Sideboard - 21 cards