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Removing Dark Under Eye Circles - A Close Watch

There are a couple of ways in order to get rid of the puffy face look. One is to drink lots of fluids and stay hydrated every day to facilitate proper fluid motions in the body and prevent build-ups. Lowering the salt intake and taking a healthy diet consisting of more veggies than of junk food also helps a lot. Since the body can only store salt in fluid suspension form, too much intake of this can cause the gathering of skin around the eyes and give room for more water accumulation. Also, never sleep with eye make-up on and use a gentle make-up remover to clean up. This avoids specks of eye shadow or mascara from entering the eyes and causing an allergic reaction. Moreover, refrain from using eye make-up that is more than a few months old because the bacteria that might have accumulated in it may invade the eyes and cause a reaction. Getting adequate amounts of sleep is also very important because it gives your eyes time to recuperate after a long day. When sleeping, try to lay with the head elevated a little in order to give better circulation of fluids. Other ways to get rid of the hideous puffy face look is wearing a mask in the morning for a few minutes that is filled with cold water, ice, or gel. Wrapping ice cubes in paper towels and putting them on the eyelids is also advantageous because the temperature will reduce the swelling and make the accumulated water dissipate faster. Also keep eye creams in the refrigerator to make them instantly ready for morning usage. In using the creams, use the ring finger to gently tap it on the eyelid to hasten the drainage of the fluid.

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