Stan's Multiplayer Tribal Cube (832 cards)


White (107)

Creature (85)

Charming PrinceCharming PrinceKazandu BlademasterKazandu BlademasterKazandu BlademasterKnight of the White OrchidKnight of the White OrchidKor BladewhirlKor BladewhirlKor BladewhirlOndu ClericOndu ClericOndu ClericAegis of the GodsAegis of the GodsDaxos, Blessed by the Sun

Abzan FalconerAbzan FalconerAbzan FalconerAttended KnightAttended KnightAttended KnightFairgrounds WardenFairgrounds WardenFairgrounds WardenLantern ScoutLantern ScoutLinden, the Steadfast QueenMentor of the MeekMentor of the MeekTaranika, Akroan VeteranVesperlarkVesperlarkVesperlarkHeliod, Sun-Crowned

Archangel of TithesBasri's LieutenantBasri's LieutenantEmiel the BlessedGalepowder MageGalepowder MageHero of BladeholdHundred-Handed OneHundred-Handed OneMangara, the DiplomatPalace JailerPalace JailerRelief CaptainRelief CaptainRestoration AngelRestoration AngelSelfless SquireSelfless SquireTalus PaladinTalus PaladinHeliod, God of the Sun

Archangel of ThuneCavalier of DawnChangeling HeroChangeling HeroCloudgoat RangerCloudgoat RangerGeneral TazriHero of Goma FadaHero of Goma FadaKenrith, the Returned KingKnight-Captain of EosKnight-Captain of EosMilitant AngelMunda's VanguardMunda's VanguardReveillarkReveillarkReverent HopliteReverent HopliteSyr Alin, the Lion's ClawCataclysmic Gearhulk

Grasping GiantLena, Selfless ChampionLinvala, the PreserverSilverwing SquadronSoul of TherosSun TitanYosei, the Morning Star

Realm-Cloaked Giant // Cast Off

Planeswalker (1)

Elspeth, Sun's Champion

Instant (8)

Path to ExilePath to ExilePath to ExileSwords to PlowsharesSwords to PlowsharesSwords to Plowshares

Join the RanksJoin the Ranks

Sorcery (9)

Council's JudgmentCouncil's Judgment

Allied ReinforcementsAllied ReinforcementsDusk // Dawn

Righteous Confluence

Austere Command

Sublime Exhalation

Play of the Game

Enchantment (4)

Act of AuthorityAct of AuthorityGrasp of FateGrasp of Fate

Blue (107)

Creature (89)

Faerie VandalFaerie VandalFaerie VandalGhostly PilfererGhostly PilfererHarbinger of the TidesHarbinger of the TidesMerfolk LooterMerfolk LooterMerfolk LooterTetsuko Umezawa, FugitiveThassa's OracleThassa's Oracle

Aven EternalAven EternalAven EternalBarrin, Tolarian ArchmageBrazen Borrower // Petty TheftGadwick, the WizenedKopala, Warden of WavesLibrary LarcenistLibrary LarcenistLibrary LarcenistSage of FablesSage of FablesSage of FablesScroll ThiefScroll ThiefScroll ThiefTrue-Name NemesisVendilion CliqueCallaphe, Beloved of the SeaNyxborn TritonNyxborn TritonNyxborn TritonThassa, God of the Sea

Herald of Secret StreamsHerald of Secret StreamsMarchesa's EmissaryMarchesa's EmissaryMaster of WavesSakashima the ImpostorSeafloor OracleSeafloor OracleSower of TemptationSower of TemptationStunt DoubleStunt DoubleSurgespannerSurgespannerUrza, Lord High ArtificerVenser, Shaper SavantVizier of Many FacesVizier of Many FacesWhirler RogueWhirler RogueNyxborn SeaguardNyxborn SeaguardThassa, Deep-Dwelling

Arcane SavantArcane SavantBody DoubleBody DoubleCavalier of GalesEternal SkylordEternal SkylordIcefall RegentIcefall RegentInniaz, the Gale ForceKeeper of KeysKeeper of KeysMulldrifterMulldrifterSage of the FallsSage of the FallsSentinel of the Pearl TridentSentinel of the Pearl TridentStitcher GeralfSyr Elenora, the DiscerningTeferi, Mage of ZhalfirThryx, the Sudden Storm

Frost TitanKeiga, the Tide StarShimmer DragonSoul of RavnicaWanderwine ProphetsTorrential Gearhulk

BenthicoreInspired Sphinx

Planeswalker (1)

Tezzeret, Artifice Master

Instant (12)

PongifyPongifyPongifyRapid HybridizationRapid HybridizationRapid Hybridization

Cyclonic RiftReality ShiftReality Shift

Commit // MemoryCryptic Command

Mystic Confluence

Sorcery (3)

Coastal BreachCurse of the SwineCurse of the Swine

Enchantment (2)

Imprisoned in the MoonImprisoned in the Moon

Black (107)

Creature (94)

Thieves' Guild EnforcerThieves' Guild Enforcer

Eternal TaskmasterEternal TaskmasterEternal TaskmasterOona's BlackguardOona's BlackguardOona's BlackguardSkirsdag High PriestSkirsdag High PriestSmitten Swordmaster // Curry FavorSmitten Swordmaster // Curry FavorSmitten Swordmaster // Curry FavorTinybones, Trinket ThiefWeirding ShamanWeirding ShamanSpiteful ReturnedSpiteful ReturnedSpiteful ReturnedTymaret, Chosen from Death

Ayara, First of LocthwainFaerie MacabreFaerie MacabreFaerie MacabreLiliana's Standard BearerLiliana's Standard BearerMidnight ReaperMidnight ReaperMurderous Rider // Swift EndMurderous Rider // Swift EndPlaguecrafterPlaguecrafterPlaguecrafterWarteye WitchWarteye WitchWarteye WitchGrim GuardianGrim GuardianGrim GuardianSoulreaper of MogisSoulreaper of MogisSoulreaper of Mogis

Ashling, the ExtinguisherBoggart MobBoggart MobBoneyard ScourgeBoneyard ScourgeHerald of the DreadhordeHerald of the DreadhordeJosu Vess, Lich KnightKels, Fight FixerLiliana's ReaverLiliana's ReaverMarsh FlitterMarsh FlitterRankle, Master of PranksSling-Gang LieutenantSling-Gang LieutenantVindictive LichVindictive LichYawgmoth, Thran PhysicianAgent of ErebosAgent of ErebosErebos, Bleak-HeartedErebos, God of the DeadNightmare ShepherdNightmare Shepherd

Bone MiserBone MiserCavalier of NightCustodi LichCustodi LichGhoulcaller GisaGilt-Leaf WinnowerGilt-Leaf WinnowerGray Merchant of AsphodelGray Merchant of AsphodelHunter of EyeblightsHunter of EyeblightsNight IncarnateNight IncarnateSyr Konrad, the GrimUnderworld SentinelUnderworld SentinelDoomwake GiantDoomwake Giant

Grave TitanKokusho, the Evening StarReaper from the AbyssSoul of InnistradSower of DiscordNoxious Gearhulk

Rot HulkScourge of Nel Toth

Planeswalker (1)

Ob Nixilis of the Black Oath

Instant (10)

RegicideRegicideRegicideTragic SlipTragic SlipTragic Slip

Eat to ExtinctionVraska's Contempt

Wretched Confluence

Curtains' Call

Sorcery (2)

Profane CommandNever // Return

Red (107)

Creature (91)

Ashling the PilgrimConspicuous SnoopConspicuous SnoopDragonlord's ServantDragonlord's ServantDragonlord's ServantGoblin CratermakerGoblin CratermakerGoblin CratermakerGoblin InstigatorGoblin InstigatorGoblin InstigatorGrenzo, Havoc RaiserMogg War MarshalMogg War MarshalMogg War MarshalRobber of the Rich

Bonecrusher Giant // StompBonecrusher Giant // StompGadrak, the Crown-ScourgeGempalm IncineratorGempalm IncineratorGempalm IncineratorKrenko, Tin Street KingpinNajeela, the Blade-BlossomPashalik MonsRage ForgerRage ForgerRage ForgerReckless BushwhackerReckless BushwhackerReckless BushwhackerSpikeshot GoblinSpikeshot GoblinSpikeshot GoblinAnax, Hardened in the Forge

Beetleback ChiefBeetleback ChiefFanatic of MogisFanatic of MogisFireflux SquadFireflux SquadGoblin RazerunnersGoblin RazerunnersHero of Oxid RidgeIb Halfheart, Goblin TacticianKrenko, Mob BossLightning CrafterLightning CrafterNeheb, Dreadhorde ChampionPia and Kiran NalaarTerritorial HellkiteTerritorial HellkiteThunderbreak RegentThunderbreak RegentTorbran, Thane of Red FellVerix BladewingVolley VeteranVolley VeteranPurphoros, God of the Forge

Cavalier of FlameDemanding DragonDemanding DragonKazuul WarlordKazuul WarlordNeheb, the EternalOutrage ShamanOutrage ShamanSethron, Hurloon GeneralSiege-Gang CommanderSiege-Gang CommanderSkarrgan HellkiteSyr Carah, the BoldTerror of the PeaksThundermaw HellkiteTuktuk GruntsTuktuk GruntsVoracious DragonVoracious DragonPurphoros, Bronze-Blooded

Goblin GoliathInferno TitanLathliss, Dragon QueenMuxus, Goblin GrandeeRyusei, the Falling StarScourge of the ThroneSoul of ShandalarCombustible GearhulkDreamshaper Shaman

Drakuseth, Maw of FlamesSkyline Despot

Planeswalker (1)

Koth of the Hammer

Instant (8)

Lightning BoltLightning BoltLightning Bolt

Chaos WarpChaos WarpGarbage FireGarbage Fire

Divergent Transformations

Sorcery (7)

Chain LightningChain LightningChain Lightning

Insult // Injury

Fiery Confluence

Hour of DevastationIncendiary Command

Green (107)

Creature (96)

Ulvenwald TrackerUlvenwald Tracker

Beastcaller SavantBeastcaller SavantBramblewood ParagonBramblewood ParagonBramblewood ParagonDeeproot EliteDeeproot EliteHarabaz DruidHarabaz DruidMerfolk BranchwalkerMerfolk BranchwalkerMerfolk BranchwalkerSylvan AdvocateSylvan AdvocateSyr Faren, the HengehammerWolf-Skull ShamanWolf-Skull ShamanWolf-Skull Shaman

Civic WayfinderCivic WayfinderCivic WayfinderEzuri, Renegade LeaderJadelight RangerJadelight RangerJungleborn PioneerJungleborn PioneerJungleborn PioneerReclamation SageReclamation SageReclamation SageRhys the ExiledRishkar, Peema RenegadeSelvala, Heart of the WildsTishana's WayfinderTishana's WayfinderTishana's WayfinderYorvo, Lord of Garenbrig

Bramble SovereignCaller of the UntamedCaller of the UntamedGraypelt HunterGraypelt HunterLys Alana HuntmasterLys Alana HuntmasterMasked AdmirersMasked AdmirersMaster of the Wild HuntNeyith of the Dire HuntNylea's DiscipleNylea's DisciplePolukranos, World EaterQuesting BeastTerritorial AllosaurusTerritorial AllosaurusWren's Run PackmasterWren's Run PackmasterYeva, Nature's HeraldNylea, God of the HuntNylea, Keen-EyedRenata, Called to the Hunt

Arbor ColossusArbor ColossusCavalier of ThornsChangeling TitanChangeling TitanElder GargarothEntourage of TrestEntourage of TrestKessig CagebreakersKessig CagebreakersOhran FrostfangOhran FrostfangSomberwald StagSomberwald StagStingerfling SpiderStingerfling SpiderTajuru PathwardenTajuru PathwardenTurntimber RangerTurntimber RangerVerdurous Gearhulk

Affectionate IndrikAvatar of GrowthDestructor DragonHydra OmnivoreJugan, the Rising StarKogla, the Titan ApePrimeval TitanSoul of ZendikarWhiptongue Hydra

Foe-Razer RegentRavenous Gigantotherium


Primeval Protector

Planeswalker (1)

Vivien Reid

Instant (4)

DeglamerDeglamerBeast WithinBeast Within

Sorcery (4)

Mouth // FeedPrimal CommandVerdant ConfluenceSeeds of Renewal

Enchantment (2)

Song of the DryadsSong of the Dryads

Multicolor (192)

Azorius (18)

Niambi, Esteemed SpeakerDepose // Deploy

Augury AdeptDeputy of DetentionDeputy of DetentionFarm // MarketDetention SphereLawmage's Binding

Brago, King EternalGrand Arbiter Augustin IVSpire PatrolSpire PatrolThistledown LiegeEphara, God of the Polis

Dragonlord OjutaiLavinia of the TenthVenser, the Sojourner

Banish into Fable

Dimir (18)

Sygg, River Cutthroat

Gleaming OverseerGleaming OverseerLich Lord of UnxLich Lord of UnxTomebound LichTomebound Lich

Evil TwinEvil TwinGlen Elendra LiegeConniveRags // Riches

Havengul LichNecromaster DragonAshiok, Nightmare MuseEnter the God-EternalsPhenax, God of Deception

Dragonlord Silumgar

Rakdos (18)

Carnival // Carnage

Kroxa, Titan of Death's HungerMunitions ExpertMunitions ExpertCut // RibbonsDreadbore

Neheb, the WorthyBedevil

Ashenmoor LiegeExava, Rakdos Blood WitchWort, Boggart AuntieMogis, God of Slaughter

Boltwing MarauderKulrath KnightAngrath, the Flame-Chained

Dragonlord KolaghanRakdos, the Showstopper

Grenzo, Dungeon Warden

Gruul (18)

Heaven // Earth

Radha, Heir to KeldThrash // Threat

Draconic DiscipleDraconic DiscipleGrumgully, the GenerousRadha, Heart of KeldDomri Rade

Boartusk LiegeGrand Warlord RadhaMina and Denn, Wildborn

Harbinger of the HuntSamut, Voice of DissentXenagos, God of Revels

Dragon BroodmotherRavager WurmWort, the Raidmother

Dragonlord Atarka

Selesnya (18)

Rhys the Redeemed

AssurePrepare // Fight

Joraga AuxiliaryJoraga AuxiliarySelvala, Explorer ReturnedVeteran WarleaderVeteran Warleader

Conclave CavalierConclave CavalierTrostani, Selesnya's VoiceWilt-Leaf Liege

Tolsimir, Friend to WolvesTrostani DiscordantKarametra, God of Harvests

Dragonlord DromokaTolsimir WolfbloodAjani Unyielding

Orzhov (18)

Corpse KnightCorpse KnightRevival // Revenge

Stillmoon CavalierAnguished UnmakingMortifyStart // FinishPillory of the SleeplessAthreos, God of Passage

Aryel, Knight of WindgraceKaya, Ghost AssassinUtter EndOne Thousand Lashes

Deathbringer LiegeKnights of the Black RoseKnights of the Black Rose

Magister of WorthMerciless Eviction

Golgari (18)

Driven // DespairFind

Shaman of the PackShaman of the PackPutrefyMaelstrom PulsePharika, God of Affliction

Creakwood LiegeJarad, Golgari Lich LordPoison-Tip ArcherPoison-Tip ArcherPolukranos, Unchained

Nath of the Gilt-LeafSapling of ColfenorTwinblade AssassinsTwinblade AssassinsWindgrace's Judgment

Garruk, Cursed Huntsman

Simic (18)

Incubation // Incongruity

Kiora's FollowerKiora's Follower

Cold-Eyed SelkieEdric, Spymaster of TrestKumena, Tyrant of OrazcaShapers of NatureShapers of NatureUro, Titan of Nature's WrathSpring // Mind

Master BiomancerZegana, Utopian SpeakerKiora, Master of the Depths

Murkfiend LiegeTatyova, Benthic DruidKruphix, God of Horizons

Prime Speaker Zegana

Tishana, Voice of Thunder

Izzet (18)

ExpansionImprobable Alliance

Jori En, Ruin DiverRielle, the EverwiseThe Royal ScionsReduce // Rubble

Dack's DuplicateDack's DuplicateJhoira, Weatherlight CaptainLoch Dragon

Hypersonic DragonMaverick ThopteristMaverick ThopteristKeranos, God of Storms

Mindwrack LiegeNiv-Mizzet, DracogeniusNiv-Mizzet, ParunNiv-Mizzet, the Firemind

Boros (18)


Leave // ChanceRise of the Hobgoblins

Tajic, Legion's EdgeDeafening ClarionGoblin TrenchesHero of the NyxbornHero of the Nyxborn

Aurelia, Exemplar of JusticeBrion StoutarmTajic, Blade of the LegionWinota, Joiner of ForcesNahiri, the HarbingerIroas, God of Victory

Adriana, Captain of the GuardAngelic CaptainBalefire Liege

Aurelia, the Warleader

Jund (1)

Vaevictis Asmadi, the Dire

Naya (1)

Gahiji, Honored One

Bant (1)

Roon of the Hidden Realm

Esper (1)

Alela, Artful Provocateur

Grixis (1)

Marchesa, the Black Rose

Jeskai (1)

Ruhan of the Fomori

Mardu (1)

Queen Marchesa

Sultai (1)

Leovold, Emissary of Trest

Abzan (1)

Kethis, the Hidden Hand

Temur (1)

Sarkhan Unbroken

Rainbow (2)

Maelstrom ArchangelNiv-Mizzet Reborn

Colorless (105)

Artifact (15)


Azorius SignetBoros SignetCaptain's ClawsDimir SignetGolgari SignetGruul SignetIzzet SignetOrzhov SignetRakdos SignetSelesnya SignetSimic Signet

Chromatic Lantern

Nyx LotusPerilous Vault

Creature (18)

Lore SeekerLore SeekerLore SeekerLore SeekerMetallic MimicMetallic Mimic

Adaptive AutomatonAdaptive Automaton

Cogwork LibrarianCogwork LibrarianCogwork LibrarianCogwork Librarian

Golos, Tireless Pilgrim

Cogwork GrinderCogwork GrinderCogwork GrinderSoul of New PhyrexiaWurmcoil Engine

Land (40)

Blood CryptBountiful PromenadeBreeding PoolCascade BluffsClifftop RetreatFetid HeathFire-Lit ThicketFlooded GroveGodless ShrineGraven CairnsHallowed FountainHinterland HarborIsolated ChapelLuxury SuiteMorphic PoolMystic GateOvergrown TombRugged PrairieSacred FoundrySea of CloudsSpire GardenSteam VentsStomping GroundSulfur FallsSunken RuinsTemple GardenThriving BluffThriving BluffThriving GroveThriving GroveThriving HeathThriving HeathThriving IsleThriving IsleThriving MoorThriving MoorTwilight MireWatery GraveWooded BastionWoodland Cemetery

Planeswalker (2)

Karn, Scion of UrzaUgin, the Ineffable

Conspiracy (30)

Adriana's ValorAdriana's ValorAssemble the Rank and VileAssemble the Rank and VileBrago's FavorBrago's FavorBrago's FavorDouble StrokeHired HeistHired HeistHymn of the WildsImmediate ActionImmediate ActionIncendiary DissentIncendiary DissentIterative AnalysisMuzzio's PreparationsMuzzio's PreparationsMuzzio's PreparationsNatural UnityNatural UnitySecrets of ParadiseSecrets of ParadiseSecrets of ParadiseSovereign's RealmUnexpected PotentialUnexpected PotentialUnexpected PotentialWeight AdvantageWorldknit